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Financial Traders -- buy and sell various financial instruments to make a profit. These traders use stocks, futures, options, commodities, currencies (Forex) and other instruments to seek profit from changes in the financial markets.

Trading Styles -- can be as varied as the individual traders. Some general terms for trading approaches or styles are Trend trading, Swing trading, Momentum trading and Scalp trading/Day trading. In each style category, there can be many individual interpretations of a trading approach, but regardless of the style, traders all rely on access to market information and to their trading accounts.

Trading Computers -- help a financial trader access the financial markets. Financial traders use specialized software to connect to their trading accounts over the internet. They view the markets to find opportunities and then buy or sell financial instruments with a profit goal.

Multi-Monitor Arrays -- help the trader view more information at a glance rather than force the trader to repeatedly change computer screens. This can save time and allow the trader to act quickly on a market opportunity. A multi-monitor array is often part of the Trading Computer System and can range from 2 to over 16 monitors all presenting information at the same time.

Trading Laptops -- can be used to run a multi-monitor array. The laptop can easily provide the computing power to display the graphics for up to 4 monitors (using an external adapter) and run the necessary trading software. Then when the trader is away from the office... the Trading Laptop can still be used to connect to their trading account and the view the markets over the internet. Although, the trader will not have the advantages of the multi-monitor array while away from the office.

It is important for a Trading Computer specifically designed using real trading environments. When the Trading Computer System is built, it should be thoroughly tested to ensure that the computer components work together reliably with the multiple monitor array and trading software.

Your trading business counts on your system's performance and reliability --- it is your business tool, and it's
your "Life-line" to the markets.